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Hmmm.  No way to put in a divider.  I guess that I can do it the old-fashioned way. That does not start off this new experiment of mine. I wanted to work smarter and not harder.  By that, I mean that I wanted to find a solution to the question of:  Can I write one post and have it appear on all three of my websites. PhotoGaudet,  VideoGaudet, and  Andre_Gaudet_photog I knew that there had to be something.  I was sure that I was not the first person to think of that. Well, Blogger by Google is the answer.  Why, because WIX made an app that would port Blogger to my websites.

The above panoramic view of this mornings photo shoot location is breathtaking, don’t you think? I am not happy with the width of this page.  I looked everywhere on the Wix design tabs and could find nothing.  Over at Blogger, I have tweaked up a whole theme and for sure the width of the body of the text is wider and more legible.  I will continue to search on this and if nowhere then a support ticket to Wix. How about another picture from this mornings sunrise.

No big cloud this morning.  Big as in billowing up to the heavens.  This morning’s sky only held the high wispy kind.

A surprise visitor who showed up to look at my sunrise.  That red ball in the sky is the Sun.  Its light is not so intense at this hour of the day and looking at this fiery mass of energy. Looking and admiring that I am witness to this spectacle.  Once again.  I am so thankful for that. With all of the Spring rain that this region witnessed, there are many pools of stagnant water which are breeding many more mosquitos than usual. They usually don’t bug me but this year they seem to be everywhere. Oh well, with the chain of predators in Nature, I am sure that if the population of mosquitos is up then that is food for the next up the chain and they will have bigger broods or whatever to do.


Holy cow.  The above video took a good minute to load onto this page.  

How are we doing with the pictures? Here is another one from the morning.

Soybeans at Dawn

This is a field of soybeans that have morning dew sprinkled on them.

Thames River with Fog Blanket

The Thames River had a blanket of fog on it this morning. This is taken at the Lions Park just west of Dorchester on Catherine St. With the sun up and the river flowing by, I am going to say so long for now and ….. Happy trails to you until we meet again. Andre.

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