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Hey now, you made it. After last time when got into the beer, you had a few too many and you and I stumbled back to your place.  I am glad that you did not drive or injure yourself or anyone else. Never drink and drive. 

Now they have a test to see if you have too much marijuana or other intoxicating substances in your system that would impair your driving ability. I guess someone came up with a formula that says “Nope. You are too stoned”. “Waiting at a green light for 30 seconds after it turned green is a good indication that you should pull over, turn off the engine and get out of the driver’s seat”

So, Frankeee, enough of that.

Here now, let me get us some tea and maybe some sandwiches for a snack. Here is the remote. Pick out some music for us to listen too and I will slide into the kitchen and make some tea and sandwiches. What is your favourite?  Egg salad!!  Me too. What a coincidence.   OK. I will be right back. Don’t go away. 

So, Frankeee,  it has been a few days now that the sky has been troubled and mucho rainfalls. Clouds carrying rain, thunder, and lightning. 

Here are some landscape pictures. Or nature pictures. No red sunrises or red sunsets in this beautiful much. But you decide.  SUNRISE This first image is 30 minutes before the sun comes up.  The sun was way below the horizon.

This shot was a little later when the sun tried to pierce through.  The black veil of cloud and darkness prevented it from doing that.

Finally, the sun was able to pierce through and shine on.

Well, Frankeee, that’s it for today, my friend. See you next time. Andre

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