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It was a misty and mysterious morning.  I had gotten out of early to make the rendezvous with Misty.  She did not disappoint. Dressed in a see-through gauze-like material she slowly appeared as the Sun and shone from behind.

FRANKEEE, glad that you have returned.  It must be my tea and biscuits … joking.  I know that you love my nature pictures of the red sky either in the form of red sunrises or red sunsets.  Either way, you know that I have only the best high-resolution nature pictures for you.

Here there, check out a few pictures of a Tripping Tuesday.

Sunrise. “The Pond”

Misty Morning Magic August 20, 2019

I told you that it was misty.  Damn, it was like being in a cloud.  It was probably that.  It sort of muffled the sounds too.

No Canada Geese on “The Pond”.  No bullfrogs croaking either.

More pictures.

As Sun came up from the depths of Night, she made the mist turn pink or some other colour name.  I just know that it was magical how nature pictures appear before me.

It would have been pretty cool if either a few geese paddled by or even a muskrat slicing through the tranquil water of “The Pond”.  But it was not to be and there was plenty of other great picture opportunities.

Such as these …

, I could not resist putting the above four pictures into the mix.  Everything is green and growing but this plant decides to change the leaves from green to red and get the berries (its seeds) ready.  I think that it hopes that birds will eat the berries (and the seeds within) then poop the seeds out and onto some fertile piece of Earth.

Well Frankeee, that’s my morning.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

See you tomorrow.


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