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FRANKEEE, so glad that you have come back for more of our talks and pictures.  I have some doozies both in stories and in pictures, …. Firstly, let me tell you that this Winter weather is sucking hard.  Clouds from morning until night.  My desk is right beside the big bay window (it takes the place of a balcony) and I see the sky all day.  Nothing but grey.  So I have been busy cataloging all of my images and videos.  Holy cow do I have a sackful of images.  While I have been working on naming the images, I began to appreciate what a treasure trove of images that I had amassed.

Sunrise, sunset, landscapes of far-reaching fields of corn and soybean.  Skies full of clouds that the Sun has turned red, orange, tangerine.  A background of indigo, persimmon, and just blue.

Here are some examples.

Dawn over a soybean field.


See, what did I tell you.  Crappy skies.  Crappy weather.  More SUN.  Coming up, my friend.

Sunset over London, Canada.

Well, I can take solace in my archive of pictures and videos.  Speaking of videos, I have a new tool.  It is called Magisto and it is a video making app that is the shizzzz.

Here is an example.  Make sure you speakers are on and the souind is on as the music plays a big part in these videos.  Ambiance, you now.

Celebrate Life.

Not bad, eh.  I like it.  I will be using it more often especially for all of my social media.  One of the cool things about this app is that you can post it to several of your Facebook accounts, send it to Vimeo (they own Magisto), YouTube, Twitter, save it to a file.  Wow, Cool.

Here is another one from Magisto.

Dawns of “The Pond.”  A view of one of the three ponds in a marshy part of eastern London, Canada.  They are part of the “Pathway Nature Preserve”.  I manage this account in Google My Business.  A quiet refuge hidden away.  If you can eliminate the constant noise of the busy 401 highway that drones in the background, all would be good.

Continuing on my friend, FRANKEEE, I ran a promotion on one of my Facebook accounts using a picture of myself and a mural that Adrian Takano painted.  A huge picture of a Mexican señorita with an outstretched arm and an open hand that seems to easnt to grab something.  I positioned myself under the hand and made like she was grabbing my head.

Here have a look for yourself.

Itchy scalp.

I will go and find the picture with my head in the shot.

I will publish this so that our other friends can enjoy these.  Meanwhile, I will search out that piucture for you.

Later dude


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