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The picture is of me and how I am protecting myself from breathing other people exhale and to prevent them from mine. 

This is day 31 of the lockdown in Canada due to …


The pandemic caused by the virus called COVID-19.

By lockdown, I mean that every workplace is closed except those deemed “essential services”.  Would you believe that the liquor stores are deemed essential?  The powers that be explained as “life-threatening” to some people (alcoholics) would go into withdrawal and could die.  

So everyone is now working from home.  Homeschooling their children as the schools are all closed from kindergarten to the University, all schooling is cancelled.  The province is looking at just passing everyone pushing them up a grade.  Final exams are being taken at home.  I don’t know how that is going to work out.

I have a nephew who is writing his final exam today by doing it remotely.


Everyone is working remotely.  The meeting are by computer screens and the software that is on the market.  Zoom seems to be the winner there.

But enough of that .  

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