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FRANKEEE … Sunrise or Sunset.  Trust Andre Gaudet.  Come and relax by the shores of mellow.  The power is in your hands.  Those micro-moments when you could watch a video or contemplate a picture. … Images of wild cotton-candy clouds stretched across an indigo sky.  The golden sunlight was piercing the morning mist that lay over a green soybean field that extends forever to the sun. … Here is an example of the beautiful sunrise that I have seen. … .

. . . … These are magical moments for you, my friend.  I remember the times fondly when I took these videos and sunrise photography.  And now you can enjoy them too. … The morning is so quiet.  I arrive at the photo shoot way before the sun is supposed to come up.  I like being awake before the birds, as I love to hear them when they first start their day. … There is one place on a dirt road that I could ack in off the road and use the entrance to Farmer Brown’s cornfield and be pointed toward the East … Then I could prop up my iPad on the roof, and I could be resting and waiting for the “crack of dawn” happens.  (Every time I say those three words, it reminds me of Jo-Anne M. of P.E.I (Prince Edward Island).  That is a whole province onto itself.  You could bicycle ride the length of the island in half a day easy. … I have never been to PEI nor Newfoundland either.  Two very distinct parts of Canada.  They are both islands, by the way.  I think that and being Canadian are the only commonality. … They sure have some fascinating geography and names of places.  “Come by Chance” is one of the names of the towns… … How about some more pictures?  Sure thing, partner. …

. .

… There were some beauties in that batch. … I forgot one.  Here it is. …

… I have heard the Robins.  For me, that means that Spring is just around the corner.  Those Robins get here early, up from Mexico, to get the excellent nesting areas/. They set out their territory by their singing voices warn ing any interlopers to back away.  And he will attack any bird trying to encroach on his turf. …

Well, my friend, that is it from me.  You have the rest of the day ahead of you.  Go and enjoy it.  Until next time, FRANKEEE, au revoir.


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