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Normal. And the last one is normal.  This seems big for “normal” text. It seems kind of big, don’t you think FRANKEEE … … By the way, thank you for coming over so early and on a Sunday yet.  I know that you enjoy my sunrise sunset photography.  What are you up too?  Going somewhere? … I hope the weather is good for you.  You know how unsettled the weather is in the month of March.  Rain then snow then freeze then up to 12’C and sunny. … I have a few pictures that I could show you of the recent sunsets and sunrises. Want to see them?  Alright, wait a moment until I bring them up.

.It was cloudy most of the day then cleared up around 2:00.  The sun had coming around my building and was streaming through the window and warming my bones. … I fixed the large that you no longer see.  I had a wrong setting for the text.  Fixed by the geek, During this time of self-isolation and staying away from people so as not to breathe their exhaust or have the COVID-19 travel across.  Some people are ignoring this “social distancing” and congregating in numbers. … More sunset picture my friend. …

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Let’s change fonts from Times to Georgia.  It took me a while to figure out to get below this image so that I could continue to type.  It was not as easy as clicking where you wanted to continue.  But, the geek I am, I figured it out.  Yup.  New paragraph now. … What to you think of this font.  different heh,  Do you have a favourite font?  Then let’s change it up and have no “serifs”. those little attachments at the ends of the font.  Something like Arial /.. as such …..>.. … This is Arial.  See, there are no attachments at the ends of the letters.  Cleaner and better readability. Continuing on,.. … My brothers and sisters are in a messenger group as well as daughter Amber.  She made the group up when I was in the hospital last for a little heart condition. … I was supposed to be in Mexico this winter like I was last winter.  Spent 6 months in El Nogalito, Jalisco, Mexico.  Met some great people who live in this mountain jungle village called El Nogalito. Lucky thing that the heart thing came up and prevented me from going down.  Everyone was told to come home while you still can.  Borders are closing and all measures taken to stop the spread of this,  Social distancing, heh. …

. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . / / / / / / / . . . . .Here we are again, FRANKEEE … we are at the end of our visit.  I am sorry to see you leave so early but I guess Church service does not wait. … Have a great day my friend and do come back soon for more pictures. … Telk your friends and family about PhotoGaudet.CA … Until we meet again … Happy Trails to You. Andre.

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