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Welcome back, my friends. Welcome to sunrise and sunset photography blog. … Today we have ROW-HAY-LEO visiting us.  This guy is such a good friend that I would give him the shirt off of my back. And I will tell you why. … Back in the ’90s, when I was working in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I suffered an ulcer.  I am very much a Type A personality, so I was hustling.  What did I do?  I took this four-tower office complex from the stone-age to the computer age.  Anyway, type A and go, go, go.  I was having a great time discovering all of this geek stuff.  I got it.  It came to me naturally.  So a very cool career. … Anyway, I suffered a severe ulcer.  I was in the hospital being monitored and was hooked up to tubes here and there.  So, ROW-HAY-LEO comes to visit me.  All good.  But he left the room every 5-10 minutes while he was visiting. … I come to find out after everything was said and done (I got operated on to fix said ulcer. Got a beauty of a scar up my stomach.) that ROW-HAY-LEO was deadly afraid of the sight or smell of blood. …. He would leave the room at intervals to go out into the hallway and down to the end, where there was a sitting room.  He would go in there to sit down so he would not fall. … The whole time of his visit, ROW-HAY-LEO, was ready to fall… but he stayed for a correct time then left. … I would give him the shirt off my back. … So, welcome, my good friend, welcome.  Come in and rest a little while.  Put on a pair of slippers here and use the recliner in the corner by the window and fireplace. … I will slide into the kitchen and get us a few beers in a bucket.  Meanwhile, do you want to see some recent pictures of sunrise and sunset?  Sure, you do. …

.These images are from March 18th.  Sunrise and sunset photography, as promised above.



.It has been getting warmer and warmer as of late.  Spring is coming.  Today in London, Ontario, Canada, it will be a high of 11’C and a low of 8’C.  The Robins have arrived, and the boys are singing and staking out their territory.  There is one just below my window.

With no traffic on the road due to everyone staying home to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus sweeping the world as another pandemic did in the aftermath of WW I.  The Spanish Flu of 1918-1919 killed over 50 million people.

Anyway, no traffic so I can hear the Robin singing quite clearly.  He is a great singer. 

This COVID-19 is really disrupting the whole world.  Everything is closed.  Everything is closed.  The people are awaiting new stock to reprovision the empty shelves of the grocery stores.  Truckers will be Gods when they arrive.

They are putting place measures that ensure safe and secure grocery shopping.  The first hour of their opening will be devoted to the elderly.  I will qualify for that as I will be 68 in April.

But happier times.  Families get to be together and make some great memories.  When this is all over, then maybe stronger bonds in friends and family will have happened.  

How about a couple more sunrise and sunset photography, my friend?  Sure thing, buddies.



.The above pictures are the sunset photography of March 17th, 2020.  St. Patricks day.  I went to an Irish high school.  Well, there were a lot of Irish descendent children as high school classmates.

I will see if I have some sunrise photography for you.


The next couple of pictures are from the morning of March 15th.


.How about some video to end this post.  You bet ROW-HAY-LEO.  Coming right up!



There are way more videos over on my video feed.

Here is the link if you want to see my vids.

And with that my friend, I will bid you a good day, thank you for your visit it is much appreciated, and I hope you come back again.  So, until then…


Happy trails to you.


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