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FRANKEEE … wow, you read my mind. I was thinking this afternoon that it would be cool if FrANKEEE dropped in for a visit and maybe a beer later tonight.

I worked on my Facebook accounts, and my websites then I did some Google Data Studio exploring. Data Studio? A Google product that creates visualizations of all of the web data. All to make our sites quicker loading and giving a better User Experience.

Quick, Better, Faster. That’s what I have always said.

Having this blog on the Google platform makes for some exciting data sharing. Even the connection to Facebook or Instagram pages. I love that the Translator is available. Perfect. Now everyone in the World can read this blah, blah, blah. And look at pretty pictures.

Speaking of which, FRANKEEE, you have your usual chair over there, and I know where there are a few cold beers. See you min a bit.

I have set up the laptop to play some pictures for you while OI is gone. Just hit the space bar, and it will start.



Hello, FRANKEEE … the following is a sequence of pictures that tell a story. A story started way back when it first started. Sunrises have been a spectacle to all living things on this Earth. Enjoy these.

Hey, I am back with some cold longneck beers, my friend. Here is yours and here is one for me.  

OK, FRANKEEE, how is life treating you since we saw each other last. Is your health still good?’ Essential to have your health. If nothing else, you are a rich man.  

Read any good books lately? Reading was a godsend to me. Voraciously reading since Grade One when I got a hold of some reading material. Not that we didn’t have any while growing up.

I remember reading National Geographic, Popular Mechanics. Heck, I loved reading the big Bible that we had. It had maps and drawing of places that they speak of in the passages. Man, the book was about three or four inches that it had many pages of things to learn.

It is late Winter here.  Soon, March is upon us then 21 more days then Spring happens.  We dance the dance of Joy.  Milder and milder the weather hasbeen getting. Above zero but below 10 degrees Celcius….

Cpuple more pictures for you FRANKEEE.  Say, have you noticed on the home page tht there are links on a menu going across.  Now serving a page dedicated only to either Sunsets or Sunrises.  Check it out and tell me what you think.

The next two is a friend of mine named Jim..

Here is Jim and his granddad.


The next couple are pure countryside sunrise.

The above are all sunrises out by Dorchester, Ontario, Canada.  Quaint little town just east of us.

Well, FRANKEEE, it is getting late here so I will bid you a good night and with the hope you enjoy the picture show.  Please, tell your friends and family about me.



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