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WOW, my children told me that I can no longer go outside or amongst people. … There is a reported case of the CORVID-19 infected woman in London, Canada. .. Seeing that I am in the group that is most vulnerable (babies and older folks or anyone with a lowered immune system) I can no longer go outside for fear that I will get infected and pass on to another life. … I don’t see any difference as I have not been able to drive since the beginning of December when I was told by the Ministry of Transport that my driving privileges were revoked until certain criteria were met. … This all happened because I was honest in my words and I told it to a Doctor. … First, let me get us some beers and we can sit down and chat more.  You get on your slippers and go sit on your recliner there by the window so you can watch the deer in the garden. … While I am gone why don’t you look at some pictures of my recent photoshoot?  Actually, it is the sunset of last night.  Friday the 13th.  Yup. …

… Here we go FRANKEEE …  a couple of beers in an ice bucket.   Here is one for you and one for me. … OK. …


Honest with the doctor?  I was explaining the work up to a heart issue that I had had just before that.

I had a racing heart and was very dizzy and not very responsive.  In fact, I was leaning way over on the side and a passing gentleman asked if I was OK.  I sat up and said Yes.

When he left I resumed the position.  Anyway, I ended up fainting and falling forward … like just tipped forward off of the outdoor bench that I was sitting on.   So trouble with my heart and not the first time, right.

My thoughts on how this got precipitated were that I may have overdone my marijuana consumption.  A little too much and a little too early.

Let’s see more pictures for a little bit.  Cheer us up,

So I explained to my doctor (in confidence I was always told) that I had smoked maybe three puffs on a marijuana blunt and then drove somewhere,  He stopped me right there and asked me.  “Did you consume marijuana then operated a motor vehicle on the highway?”  Yes, I said.  you then declared.”I will have to report this to the Ministry of Transport.  When I protested, he said that he was under the government’s orders to report such use. Fuck, I said.  For real?

Anyway, I receive a letter by mail suspending my driving privs and to fill out this form by the doctor who reported the infraction.  I got that filled out by my doctor and sent away to the MoT.

A couple of weeks pass and another letter arrives from the MoT.  Now they want more info, who was the prescribing doctor?, how much and how often do I consume marijuana?  Then they would compare data with the “national average?” And let me know their findings on whether I can drive again. Fawk, fawk, fawk!!!

 More pictures?  Yes, the above is quite depressing.  How can a photographer take pictures when his sunrise photoshoot locations are in the countryside?

So next time we meet, FRANKEEE .. I will tell you how I became a bionic man on March 12th. … Until then my friend.


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