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Hello and good to see you again.  I am so glad that you keep coming back.  I enjoy your visits and it is too bad that I can’t talk to you directly.  Oh well maybe in the future that will be possible.  Who knows what the future can bring?

Speaking of the future, I never know what the future will bring in terms of daily red sunrises, red sunsets, flowers, or interesting landscapes for your enjoyment.  That is why I get up every morning.  It gives me a purpose to get out of bed every morning.

This is what I got this morning.  I must warn you that it went from totally overcast skies on previous mornings to a clear sky this morning.

Have a look at an example of high-resolution nature pictures taken this morning.


This was taken from a car cam on the way to “The Pond”

Arrived at The Pond and set up shop at the far end of the roadway. This view is obviously looking towards the East. 

The magical East.  So many adventure stories come out of there.  Far and mysterious for us here in North America.  I was so intrigued by the East that I jumped at the chance to go to Asia (another story. another post) with a friend who had just been there.  “Been there” meaning that he knew what to answer on the forms, he knew all of the hotel address where we were going to stay, etc.  That is a good thing as I could just be a tourist and enjoy the view.

Another view of this pond.  Just natural marsh and bottomland and a catch basin for water drainage from the streets of the nearby industrial park.  Those are the lights that you see in the background.

I once saw a muskrat swim across this very pond and at this early of an hour.  It had to be a muskrat as it wasn’t as long as a beaver.  I have beavers crossing ponds and they are long. 

Sunrise over the pond.  Since there were no clouds in the sky, I knew that the sunrise would be boring.  So I decide to go down to the road a little further East. 

So off I go towards Dorchester, Ontario, Canada and to my favourite spot.  I should change it up sometimes.  I will do that next time …  if I remember.

Now, these following flowers are on my front porch.  I live in a condo and these two fellows volunteer their time to beautify our little space they have done a terrific job.


Well, Frankeee, I hope that I have not bored you but you get to see pictures and videos that no one else does.

Shoot, I never did post some videos of today,

Never too late I say.  Hang tight there Frankeee, here are some videos for you.

So that is it, my friend.

I hope that you can come back later tonight for the sunset version of this blog.

If not then certainly tomorrows red sunrise.

Until then, happy trails to you.


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